Frequently Asked Questions about LinkMatch for HubSpot

You can also found the general quesions about LinkMatch here
  1. Can LinkMatch save my messages in my HubSpot as Nots?

    Yes, this feature is available in our Pro plan.
  2. During the login into LinkMatch, I get a permissions error, what should I do?

    Please make sure that in your HubSpot permissions your user has access to module "Marketing" and has "Lists" permission enabled as shown on the following screenshot.
  3. What data from HubSpot about my Leads and Companies can I view/edit on Linkedin with the help of LinkMatch?

    Pretty much everything: all the primary and custom fields, status fields, and Deals, Tasks and Notes assigned to the Lead.
  4. Can I create a HubSpot deal with LinkMatch from LinkedIn?

    Yes, just click "Add New Deal" or "Add to existing Deal" in LinkMatch popup when saving the Profile.
  5. Can I create an Task/Note for HubSpot lead on LinkedIn?

    Yes, just click "Add New Task" or "Add New Note" in LinkMatch popup when saving the Profile.
  6. Does LinkMatch also saves profile pictures?


Last updated on August 17, 2019

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