LinkedIn Messages Sync Feature for HubSpot

How LinkedIn Messages are saved in your HubSpot CRM?

LinkMatch can automatically save your LinkedIn conversations as Notes in your HubSpot.

Notes are created for each day of the conversation, meaning that if there were 4 messages on 2 different days, there will be 2 notes created in HubSpot each containing the messages for the corresponding day. We found that this approach to structuring is the most usable and easy to navigate. Please refer to the screenshot below.

Notes with messages in HubSpot


You can choose whether you want to assign the created Notes with messages to the most recent Deal of the Contact in HubSpot

To do that you need to open the options page and then go to Autosaving Settings.

Please refer to the screenshot below.

Messages sync options



After the setup is done, you can open your LinkedIn messages page. LinkMatch saves the messages when the conversation is opened with a person whose profile is already saved in your Zoho CRM and which has LinkedIn Profile Link (URL) saved in the profile. So it is important to set up your Parsing options to capture the LinkedIn URL. Please refer tothis tutorial for more details.

There will be an indicator label showing the state of the sync at the top of the messaging panel.

Indicator Label

When sync is in progress the messaging panel might scroll up and down but that will be done only once when the initial sync is happening.

It is important to understand that messages sync happens only when you are in the messaging thread, meaning that when you close the LinkedIn page and someone writes you a messages, it will not be synced until you open the message. This proved not to be a problem, because you will eventually open the messages to reply anyway.

The full messaging history is also synced when you save the profile for the first time.


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Last updated on November 9, 2020