Frequently Asked Questions about LinkMatch for Pipedrive

You can also found the general quesions about LinkMatch here
  1. Can LinkMatch save my messages in my Pipedrive as activities?

    Yes, this feature is in beta right now, will be available publicly in February 2020
  2. Can I create a Pipedrive deal with LinkMatch from LinkedIn?

    Yes, just click "Add New Deal" or "Add to existing Deal" in LinkMatch popup when saving the Profile.
  3. Can I create an Activity/Note for Pipedrive lead on LinkedIn?

    Yes, just click "Add New Activity" or "Add New Note" in LinkMatch popup when saving the Profile.
  4. Can see the Deal details(pipeline stage, notes etc..) of the Lead with LinkMatch?

    Sure, just click "Show" in the Deals field and then select the needed Deal
  5. Can LinkMatch automatically create Deal for each Lead that I save?

    Unfortunately no, but you can easily achieve that with Pipedrive Automation Feature.
    Actually you can do much more, so be sure to check it out.

Last updated on August 17, 2019

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