"On the Fly" Profile View Feature for Pipedrive

How it works.

"On the Fly" profile view allows you to display up to three fields of the profile from your Pipedrive right "on the spot" in LinkedIn without opening the Pipedrive profile itself. The chosen info from the profile is displayed right near the profile's name on the LinkedIn search page or the connections list. This allows to quickly evaluate if a particular profile requires any actions from your side. Please refer to the screenshot below on how it looks:

"On the Fly" Profile Preview example

Possible Use Cases

  1. You can choose to display the last profile update date which might give you an understanding whether it makes sense to double check the LinkedIn profile for the updates.
  2. You can have a custom field that indicates whether you should ignore the profile. Having this info visible straight away will help your team to not waste their efforts and skip the profile altogether.
  3. You can display the profile owner field, which will indicate who from your team is working with profile. This will help your team members to not interfere with each other and by extension, to not waste time working with someone elses profiles.


"On the Fly" profile view is only available in LinkMatch Pro plan. To make this feature work you need to choose what are the exact fields you want to be displayed on the spot. To do that you need to open theoptions page and go to the On the Fly Profile View section. You can select up to three fields. First, you need to select a module(Contacts, Deals or Organizations) and then the field itself.

To remove a selected field, just click the close symbol near the field name.

Please refer to the screenshot below.

Fields preview setup


If you have any questions please contact us at team@linkmatch.net

Last updated on August 20, 2021