About us

Hey guys,

We are thrilled and excited to share with you our product!

As a team of recruiters and developers we were upset and demotivated by the amount of hours per day that were wasted on manual work of recruiters and sourcers. As a result, we decided to optimize and automate the process as much as possible, so that you could focus only on the work that really matters. LinkMatch is the first step out of a thousand that we are planning to take so that recruiting is better, simpler and more profitable for you. We use it ourselves, others are loving it and it’s addictive. In a good way of course :)

Join us for this amazing experience that will forever change how recruiting and sourcing is done. We are open to your ideas, suggestions, comments so that together we can make a change.

You can always reach us atteam@linkmatch.net

Sincerely yours,
LinkMatch Team

Our team

Yuriy Yazlovytskyy


Victor Yaremko

Software Developer

Mark Nezvisky

Head of Marketing and Communications
Sagaydachnogo 8, Chernivtsi, Ukraine