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5 Reasons to Try Outsourcing Recruitment

5 Reasons to Try Outsourcing Recruitment

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Recruitment is among the most important and challenging processes for a company. Through recruitment, you hire the people that will or will not help your company move further.

In this article, we will share 5 reasons why you should try outsourcing recruitment and how to use it to the maximum.

Outsourcing Recruitment Basics

The RPO Model

Have you ever heard of RPO? It stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing and is one of the strategies businesses use to grow their team. The sourcing, recruiting, and hiring are outsourced to an external company or representative.

How to know if it’s good for you

Obviously, this strategy isn’t suitable for all types of businesses and you should consider some advantages and disadvantages before deciding if it is right for you.


We gathered some advantages of using an RPO model:

  • It helps with cost reduction
  • It increases scalability
  • It improves the quality of hire
  • It might be more time effective
  • It brings brand awareness


The advantages above paint a beautiful picture of RPO, but you should also take into consideration some disadvantages:

  • This might lead to demotivation across your internal HR team
  • Might not onboard the right fit for your company
  • Might raise concerns regarding data security and confidentiality
  • It takes time to identify the right recruitment partner

Reasons to Try Outsourcing Recruitment

Now that you have a clearer picture of the advantages and disadvantages let’s see 5 reasons you should try outsourcing recruitment.

Time efficient

You save time with professional recruiters who are highly specialized in the field. They know exactly what platforms to use and how to attract talent based on your needs.

From A to Z

RPOs are taking care of the whole process from sourcing to recruiting, so you don’t have to worry and work on providing extra training and guidance.

Quality of hire

When working with RPOs that have experience from previous roles as well, it can help you improve the quality of your hiring. They know exactly what questions to ask to reveal the best fit for the company.

Reduce expenses

Managing an in-house team comes with many costs: salaries, bonuses, events, etc. With RPO you can save money since the total cost usually ends up being 60% less than an internal team.

Business focus

Focus is one of the most underrated skills in a business. However, it is also the one that almost guarantees your success. If you focus on your line of business and do the best you can with it, you will move in front of your competitors. With RPO you can outsource the recruitment needs and focus on what you want to do.

Recruitment tasks you should outsource

After weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing your recruitment services, you still doubt whether it is the right thing for your company.

We want to share with you 3 examples of recruitment tasks you can outsource to test if this is the right strategy for you.


Planning the staffing platforms, Job description and interview flow might take a while, especially when your team doesn’t have experience with this. That’s why you can consider outsourcing it to gain more time.

Screening candidates

Some industries and roles might be trickier and they require more experience and a specific set of skills. For these cases, you can consider working with RPOs.

Evaluation and Analytics

Another task that you can outsource is the evaluation part. RPOs can check the number of candidates, the number of qualified candidates, the cost of hiring, and so on.

Have you used RPOs until now?

Share with us your experience.

Outsourcing Recruitment FAQ

Can recruiting be outsourced?

Yes, recruitment can be outsourced and there are also some advantages in terms of scalability, time to hire, and quality of hire that you can consider.

How does the outsourcing recruitment process work?

You choose the RPO partner and agree on the main legal and confidentiality aspects and on the list of open roles that you want to hire for.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing recruitment?

Some advantages:

It helps with cost reduction, increases scalability, and improves hiring quality.

Some disadvantages: might lead to demotivation across your internal HR team and not onboard the right fit for your company

What is the difference between RPO and BPO?

RPO is a form of BPO, which stands for Business Process Outsourcing.


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